Houston, TX Wedding Dance Classes and Variety of Swing Dance to Get Familiar With

Some Things about the Popular Swing Dance

wedding-swing1Swing dance is just among the most all-time popular ballroom dance.Anywhere in the world, it is easy to find someone, especially oldies still dancing he Swing dance. What’s more surprising that there are also a number of younger ones who found passion in the said dance style in their wedding dress. If you are a beginner in Swing dance and is still about to take dance lessons, there a lot of things that you must know about it. Before you take start your wedding Swing dance classes in Houston, TX, it is best that you make yourself familiar with the following first.

Variety of Swing dance

Swing dance has a lot of varieties. It is group of many dances inspired with jazz and swing music. From the 1920s up to 1940s is actually considered as the era of Swing dance. Don’t be surprised to learn in the end that there could be hundreds of Swing dance styles.

First on the list is the so-called Lindy Hop. This Swing dance style probably the most popular among other Swing dances. Lindy Hop originated from Harlem as it involves high vigor to execute the moves. Swing dancing also ha an umbrella term and it is called Jitterbug. It indicates all Swing dance forms. Jitterbug can also be referred to as he Lindy Hop and any other Swing dances to know. On the other hand, the popular Jive dance is the fast version of Jitterbug.

Next is the East Coast Swing dance style. You will usually see danced on clubs and was heavily influenced by another classic dance called Foxtrot. On the other hand, the West Coast Swing requires travelling back and forth in a slotted dance. This is done along a slot or a rectangle.

Another Swing dance variation that you can learn Boogie-Woogie. What makes this Swing dance style very interesting is that it is dance with blues and even rock music. If you prefer beach songs to Swing dance with, the Carolina Shag would be your best bet for your wedding Swing dance. This dance style is also believed to be the first variation created during the period of original Swing dancing.

Today, Swing dancing is still being practiced as a social grace on formal occasions. International contests are also being held and Swing dance is just among the categories. If you wish to do something fun and easy to learn dance style for your wedding first dance, Swing is just among many popular dances that you can go for. Find a good dance school and take wedding Swing dance classes in Houston, TX as soon as you can!

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