Different Types of Amazing Wedding Veils for Formal and Less Formal Wedding Ceremonies

The beauty of a wedding dress is not complete without the veil. Since the veil shows the bride’s purity and symbolizes the purpose of marriage, the preparation for it must not also be underestimated. There are many amazing wedding veils a bride can choose from for her special day but it is important that it is comfortable and suits the dress.  To help you with that, it would be beneficial to know what the different types of wedding veil are.

First on the list is the Blusher.  This is the type of a short wedding veil, usually attached to a longer veil, which falls loosely and covers the face of the bride as she enters the ceremony. It extends below the chin until the waist. It can be also flipped back over the headpiece after the ceremony. An example of this is the birdcage blusher and modern blusher.

The next type of wedding veil is the Flyaway. It simply ends at the shoulder that is why it is very ideal for a wedding dress with a beautiful or detailed back you want to show off. This is also one of the wedding veils great for less formal ceremonies since it adds bridal flair.

True to its name, Elbow is a wedding veil that has multiple layers of fabric and extends up to the elbows. It is also very versatile since it can be worn for formal or less formal wedding occasions. Form the elbows, if you want to add a bit of drama, you can have the Fingertip.

It extends below the waist up to your fingertips. This is usually made from a few layers of fabric. For the most dramatic style, Cathedral is the wedding veil for you! With a significant train, it measures 12 feet long from the headpiece. As for this, you will need assistance since it surely is a vast amount of fabric.

For formal wedding ceremonies, you can have the Chapel type of wedding veil. It is 9 feet long and trails down the floor. If you want something that varies in extent, Ballerina is a good choice. Best for formal or less formal wedding dress since it falls anywhere between the knees and ankles.

If you don’t know what type of wedding veil to choose, you can have the Three-Piece. This is a combination of the amazing wedding veils blusher, chapel and fingertip. If you do not want to wear a head piece, you can have Bouffant or Mantilla. Bouffant is raised and in pouf style. On the other hand, Mantilla is a loose veil edged with laces draped over the head and shoulders.